Antillanca FWQ 2* is a GO!

Antillanca, Chile is confirmed for an FWQ 2* event for 2019-2020 season

2020 Antillanca FWQ 2*
(August/September 2019)

EVENT DATES: August 29 - September 1, 2019

The confirmation of the Antillanca FWQ 2* is welcome news during a tumultuous winter in which mixed conditions have presented event organizers with many challenges. Venues have been slow to fill with enough snowpack and thin conditions in the Central Cordillera have forced the postponement or cancellation of several FWQ events.

However, Antillanca’s southern location has been favored by recent storms and the mountain is skiing well, allowing Freeride Chile to proceed with the second FWQ event of the 2019-2020 season.

Slated for season for August 29 – September 1, 2019, the event is the third annual FWQ 2* event hosted by Antillanca and organizers are excited to return to one of Chile’s most picturesque locations. The area is dotted with stunning volcanoes, crystal clear lakes, and lush temperate forests.

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“We are really happy that we’re able to organize the Antillana FWQ event again this year,” says Freeride Chile’s Fernando Ochagavia. “This has been a challenging season for event organizers, but current conditions on all of the potential Antillanca venues are good. With another storm hitting the area this week, we expect good coverage and the conditions will be great after the additional snowfall.”

For those who have never been to this remote part of Chile, the excuse of a FWQ competition is enough of a reason to experience it. Tucked high in a pristine corner of Chile’s Puyehue National Park, Antillanca sits at the end of the line. The “line” in question is a tiny dirt road that terminates at the historic base lodge, an ancient sprawling edifice that’s stuffed full of memorabilia charting the development of skiing in this remote area.

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This zone is often referenced as being the gateway to Patagonia, and for good reason. It is spectacularly dramatic landscape with lakes, volcanoes and mountains draped in temperate rain forest, studded with massive ferns and bamboo. As the road climbs towards the ski area, the ferns yield to snow-covered slopes. The lodge, the mountain, and the location make Antillanca a box every ski and snowboarder should check off their hit list.

With a variety of venues from the entry level “LOBOS” to the challenging “EL CRATOR” and “STADIUM” sectors of the mountain, Antillanca offers athletes a unique experience that’s not to be missed.

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